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The RCO was founded in 1991 and is currently under the direction of Carlos de Oliveira and Carlos Roque de Oliveira Junior, has a fully geared to the agility in customer service and optimization of production processes internal structure.

Organized in macro sectors such as Administrative, Engineering and Production, all employees are aligned around forever maximize the value delivered to our customers, whether internal or external.

Innovation, always.

The RCO believes that innovation is a key factor for any company. Our products are constructed with high quality, either in projects and pieces created internally or in the means coming from providers, handpicked. Durability is featured in RCO products.

Thinking thus, joined the Innovation and Durability and assume the slogan "Inovabilidade, always." Innovate and make products increasingly durable part of the DNA of the RCO, is part of our philosophy of work is part of our history. RCO. Innovation, sempre.


mission, vision e valuesbecause we work and what we long


Work in the industrial supply chain services, solutions and equipment, quality and technical rigor, respecting the ethical, social, economic and environmental principles.


Be nationally recognized as a company that offers the best solutions for industrial, equipment consistent with the principles of sustainable development.


• Always act ethically;
• Respecting the individuality of people;
• Security is non-negotiable;
• Work as a team;
• Have responsibility towards customers, suppliers and employees.