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Silos in Foz do Chapecó and Jirau

The RCO equipment to Camargo Corrêa are very important. To avoid production stoppages due to lack of concrete cement we always have a reservation, a "lung", this input. If there is a fault in the manufacture of this, or difficulty in delivery by rain, landslides among others. The first acquisition were silos of 400 tons for hydroelectric Foz do Chapecó and some delays occurred, but for a quick and decisive action by the RCO had not got that damages for the delay. The RCO has listened to our needs, which are different from one industry and changed the way in which manufacturing was being conducted. The supply for hydroelectric Jirau paid off without delay. The RCO has an attitude of listening to customers, accept your needs and adapt to them, adopting advanced techniques of calculation, project development and manufacturing processes, as well as excel in the quality of its products. Therefore, I wish that she continue with its policy of developing talented professionals, with this open minded and available for suggestions and customer experience. I saw and I had the joy of participating in the growth of the RCO and so I have much appreciation for her. The RCO is a partnership with Camargo and this is highly valued.

Mr. Paulo Ruggero - Analyst Industrial Facilities

Conveyor System

The RCO gave us an extension to the system drive wheels at the General Motors plant in São Caetano do Sul - SP, which in addition to important plant modernization GMB, helped us with some of the equipment that has not Comau technology specific "" our evaluation of the performance of the OCR is very good, so we chose to hire her again for a new delivery to our customer in São José dos Campos, which is under development.

Mr. Luiz Utikava - Projects


The RCO equipment were important for the project to expand the EGX. Were installed in the city of Porto Alegre-RS; Ribeirão Branco-PR; Edealina-GO; Recife, PE Arena Pernambuco-; Itaboraí, Comperj- RJ; Extreme-MG; Shopping City Sorocaba-SP; Natal-RN; Jequié- BA; Benfica-RJ; São Paulo, Corinthians Arena and progress in the city of Aracaju-SE and Jaboatão Guararapes-PE.                          The evaluation for the RCO is very good! Always had easy access and speed of information and continue with the quality of equipment they manufacture and always seek the necessary improvements, to improve equipment productivity.

Mr. Mauro Conceição - Project Mananger

Conveyor System

The RCO equipment were of great importance for plant GMB São Caetano do Sul, where we obtained the short-term outcome in our productivity and also expanding our portfolio, adding to our production line São Caetano do Sul the following products: Cruze Sedan, Cruze Hacth, Cobalt Sedan, Spin, and the Corsa Classic Pick-Up Montana. My assessment as the supply is positive, from the first moment, in meetings for clarification of scope until the engineering phase and facilities, we obtained the commitment of the people involved, closing his married personal commitments to the business of each company. Therefore, I wish the team work of RCO, very successful. What good deals bring prosperity closed the company and its employees.

Mr. Luiz Carlos Canhadas - Production Engineer

Silos - diverse specifications

Odebrecht has bought the RCO for cement silos of various capacities and always complete. The silos are fundamental to the works, as they ensure the availability of cement for concrete production, which in turn is critical for the development of projects. The RCO serves us well, from initial design and quotation, through monitoring the production and delivery to the area of after-sales. Evaluate as a professional and helpful, service in all areas of the company. I would like to congratulate the RCO and its employees by conquering its space in the Brazilian equipment market, positioning itself as a serious, innovative, that meets deadlines and delivering quality products.

Mr. Fernando Garrafa - Acquisition of Equipment