Social and Environmental Responsibility

Community and environmental awareness!

RCO always keeps the awareness that generates impacts on the local community and the environment in general.                         

Given this positioning in management, the company began the first work in favor of sustainability concepts into when he joined the team of suppliers of Camargo Corrêa on "Partnerships for Sustainability" program, which took place from 2009.                         

Since then the socio-environmental awareness became stronger and spread among processes and internal talent.

RCO Ambiental

We all generate some kind of negative impact against the environment and natural resources. What counts is inteded to reduce them to the maximum. The RCO demand among the waste generated by the production process and the Administrative and Engineering departments, submit the generated waste such as paper, plastic and scrap metal to recycling plants waste. In addition, materials such as wood from suppliers of commercial items, is reintroduced into the process RCO shipping and packaging materials in the company.