Internal Projects

Constant Improvements

Keep the team aligned to the strategic directions will always be a challenge. So internal programs recognize and Coffee with Quality aims to connect large team RCO with the goals and objectives, without forgetting the reward for the effort of a well executed work and well-differentiated.

Coffee with Quality

The internal program "Coffee with Quality" aims to integrate and align the company's employees around a new strategy or process. In a more informal and relaxed atmosphere, away from remembering a meeting the day-to-day, a breakfast among those present will narrow the communication which has consequently the exchange of ideas, suggestions and compliments from the guests to the meetings, always revolving around different themes.

Program: Recognise

The internal program "Recognize" is confined, as its name says, recognize the RCO employees for discharging their functions that generate differential and reach goals and objectives beyond the expected. Through simple actions as accomplishments of yummy breakfasts, lunches, lectures, trips the company tries to demonstrate to employees that all work well done deserves to be recognized, valued and demonstrated as a model to be followed.